Suburban neighborhoods are generally known for 2 things: white fences and relaxed backyard living. GoldenMaster takes it a step further in “Magic Sausages” (because why not?) And throws in a hot lesbian couple and a typical retired old guy and his carefree buddy. Thus far, everything is pretty normal. Old guy is getting ordered around by his crotchety wife while his friend grills up some delicious sausages. Meanwhile, the lesbians are going at it in the pool, embracing their contemporary lifestyle by sucking and licking at each other like there’s no tomorrow.

With me so far? This all sounds like a fairly believable, non fantasy scenario, albeit a little on the sexy side, especially when the retired guy peeks over the fence and witnesses some very energetic, 69 oral. Naturally, he gets a bit worked up and whips it out to partake in some good ol’ voyeurism, but his friend calls him over because the sausages are ready!

Here’s where things get interesting! Just two retired dudes eating some sausage, nothing to see here… except when a mysterious energy begins swirling around them, changing them into beastly, almost orcish creatures with huge cocks and voracious sexual appetites!

I don’t think anyone saw that coming! This 160 page full HD comic is full of surprises, and this marks GoldenMaster’s second release on NGP! They seem to have a thing for magical themes, as seen in “Dual to the holes” but this set takes the crazy to the next level! Very few sets meld straight sex and lesbian themes so fluidly, and the busty neighbors’ girl/girl fuckfest quickly turns into the oddest foursome sausage party!

Needles to say, the girls are taken off guard, but quickly adapt to offer their blowjob and anal skills! GM presents some excellent angles and facial expressions, as well as super tight double penetration and massive cumshots!

If you’ve been looking for ‘a little something different’ this set of a lot something different, and lovers of modern fantasy and transformation will have plenty of reasons to pay close attention to GoldenMaster’s upcoming works!