Vanessa has been naughty, and deserves some punishment. She thinks she can fuck Nancy as hard as she wants without any regard for her? Estelle will show Vanessa what she gets for that, and Nancy is invited to the party, just for extra fun.

In Pat3dx’s new contemporary comic, Pole Dancers 4, we see the conclusion of this thrilling erotic story. The grand finale features the four girls at Sasha’s apartment, setting up and running a party that seems innocent at first, but it’s an elaborate trap to get Vanessa drunk and have some fun at her expense!

We open with some cutesy dickgirl-on-female romance, when Sasha gets all horny over her futa girlfriend and decides to give her cock some love, ending up with quite a messy blowjob. Then, she withdraws from the scene, letting her girlfriend and Nancy set their plan in motion.

Unsuspecting of what awaits her, Vanessa arrives, in her stunning red sexy outfit. The girls are having fun on the couch, chatting and drinking, but as the party progresses Vanessa gets more and more inebriated and playful: the girls know that now it’s time! 

What at first seems to be that Vanessa has the higher ground, masturbating the two other dickgirls, soon takes a sharp turn as Estelle and Nancy make her give them some oral, and cumshot after cumshot Vanessa swallows, until she herself cums! And this is just the beginning.

What ensues is a wild threesome where Nancy and Estelle use Vanessa’s body for their own pleasure! She’s made to eat dick, take dick, and take up a huge creampie by the huge cock of justice. On top of that, the two futas will have fun with each other, as one of them gets to feel the other one’s passionate thrusts. (We won’t tell you who goes inside who, you have to find out!) 

The girls will make sure that Vanessa will never forget her lesson!