Tess’ life is about to change forever. What started as a night like any other, will soon turn darker and naughtier than she could have ever guessed. After her car fails to start, her psychology professor offers to give her a ride home, but in his head, he’s already drooling at the indecent things he’s going to do to her.

She wakes up, kidnapped in an unknown location, and sees her captor drinking and jerking off to her. He grins maliciously, and the party starts. He violates her with toys and his hard cock, and streams the whole event to countless, faceless watchers on the Internet that share into the horniness and the wrongness of it all. She can’t escape…

She gets used for hours, pleasing the insatiable lust of her professor and his audience, but when it seems it’s gonna be over… it turns out it was just the beginning. There is no hope at the end of the tunnel, no happy ending when she turns to like it and gets wet over her captor… no light, only Shades of Darkness