Every character has an origin story: a distinctive set of events that helped shape them into who they are today. Of course, some are much darker and mysterious than others, and in the case of Hibbli3D’s Elayne, shockingly erotic.

Two extremes clash beautifully in “Knight Elayne: Memoria”, a prequel of sorts chronicling the night when everything changed for Elayne. Even for someone like this experienced warrior, there was a time where she was innocent, naive and pure. Of course, in the realm of 3DX, we all know that such things don’t last…and Elayne gave it all up at once.

Hibbli3D brings a whole new spin on the ‘ugly bastard’ genre by pairing a twisted old monk being held together by magic with the nubile perfection of a slender young virgin. Over the course of 60 Full HD images, Elayne is taught that there’s no escaping her fate…she was born to be a slave, both to her own desires and the whims of her masters.

Memoria also comes with a very cool PDF story that gives some insight into the gorgeous renders! If you’re a fan of monster sex and radiant girls taking cum and getting pounded from many different angles, you won’t want to sleep on this set!

60 FHD images pdf story