Sometimes a futa just wants to fuck one of her kind. That’s not much to ask for, is it? Especially since this futa in particular is a sorceress who has learned this amazing instant cock spell and has been sitting on it for the longest time. When the right combination of luck and horniness strikes, she comes across the perfect candidate for her girlfriend, and she knows exactly what to do!

That blonde girl is quite feisty, though, so they have a little scuffle first, throwing some hands and kicks, but of course, nothing like flashing your dong for peacemaking and lovemaking! As soon as the girl sees this massive rod she forgets the animosity and goes straight to sucking. After an assortment of sexual acts and acrobatics, the sorceress decides it’s futa transformation time! Her new girlfriend looks in awe at her own new throbbing cock and can’t wait to bury it right up the sorcerer’s ass, starting round two of their public sex display. 

Check out now Duel to the Holes, a steamy parody comic by GoldenMaster, featuring 118 panels of pure, naughty smut!