Cafe: Emily, we’re really excited to speak with you! There are lots of things we’re curious about, but we definitely wanted to ask: were you always so outgoing and adventurous?

  • Emily: No, I wasn’t very outgoing when I was younger, let alone adventurous. I was more of the ‘quiet kid in class’, always sitting near the windows and minding my own business at school. Always going straight home when school ended. I had maybe 2 – 3 close friends. 

    But things started to change when my body started changing, and even more after I met a certain person while on vacation at the Florida Keys. I was there with my family when I was about 18 years old. We were just enjoying the beach, tanning in the sun, driving the water scooters, and parasailing. 

    I met this girl there, she told me her name was Jennifer, but everyone just called her Jenny.  She’d just moved in with some friends of her parents after her own parents died in a car accident: they were her next of kin. Anyway, she was new in the area and she needed some friends. I told her that we were on holiday there and were also new to the area, so we decided to hang out and explore together. We wanted to go to the mangroves, the reefs & bars, but apparently, the drinking age in the USA is 21, so we were not allowed any alcohol (in the Netherlands it’s 18, so this was kind of disappointing). But she knew her caretakers had a hidden stash so we went back to her place. 

    We found the hidden stash of alcohol and got drunk. And, well… You know… One thing led to another and we started to kiss. I had never kissed anyone before! In the days that followed we kissed more and more and we started exploring each other’s bodies. Before I knew it, her fingers were inside me! I’d never been with anyone so intimately before that, and I’d always imagined it to be with a boy, but, it felt right. 

    We had a few wild nights but, of course, we had to go home soon after. We exchanged contact info and promised to keep in touch. I think she was the reason I found myself more and started to become more outgoing.

Cafe: That’s an exciting way to have a sexual awakening of sorts! After that, what was one of the first daring things you did? We noticed you like to be out in public at times.

  • Emily: Well, when we came back home, I still hadn’t found myself completely. At home, we only have one bathroom and I was taking a bath when my sister (Lucy) was complaining that it was her turn to use it, so I invited her to join me. We just had some fun and giggles. We talked about the holiday and she asked what I did with Jenny, and I ended up explaining a lot of hot details to her. She started getting curious and before we knew it, we were also kissing and touching each other. 

    This was a very strange situation because before the holiday we didn’t get along that well. It felt wrong, doing it with my sister, but on the other hand, it felt comfortable. After that morning we repeated the ritual a few times in the bathroom (it’s the only room in the house we could lock), finding it hard to keep our hands off each other. 

    We became really close after that morning and some time later she asked if I wanted to go to a spa with her. She usually went there with a friend of hers, but this time she wanted me to come with her. This was quite exciting to me since I’d never been naked in public. 

    So I went there with Lucy. It was extremely exciting! There weren’t a lot of people around and we had a whole sauna completely to ourselves. Needless to say, things got a little hot in there! She jumped on my back when I tried to lay down on one of the benches. Totally nude! I felt her naked, warm breasts pressing against my already sweaty back. I was surprised but it also felt hot. After the surprise, she started kissing me, gently stroking my breasts as she went further south with her mouth. I came just before a couple entered the room. We don’t think they noticed anything, but it was really arousing to experience this with my sister. Never thought I would be doing stuff like this with her…

Cafe: Wow, that’s so daring! That’s quite the saucy story, but we know there’s more to you than just your sexuality. What hobbies do you have outside of your sexy shenanigans?

  • Emily: I love exploring the city (Amsterdam), there are so many places I haven’t visited yet, like all the small cafes, restaurants, and bars. I also like going to the libraries (yes, I can be a nerd sometimes) in the city. Amsterdam also has a couple of parks where you can relax, but we live more in the suburbs of the city, quite a way from the center, maybe too far to walk but not to bike.

    Speaking of bikes, I have a mountain bike and a motorcycle which I love to ride. Near my house is a really nice track through a park, which is really awesome to do on a mountain bike. I’ve already broken some bones doing that tho (clavicle, fingers, and shin). 

    I’ve driven my motorcycle only once at the circuit at Zandvoort, which is a really awesome experience. 5/7 would recommend this. Driving so fast through those small corners and feeling all the adrenaline rushing through your body, gives a feeling close to cumming really hard! But I usually drive carefully on the many roads the Netherlands has, I’m scared as hell that I’ll crash my bike. 

Cafe: Whoa, I wouldn’t have pegged you for an adrenaline junkie, but that’s awesome! No one can ever say you’re not one to take chances.

Speaking of chances, what’s your idea of the perfect date?

Emily: Being with the right person. Yes, I know this sounds kind of boring, but if you’re with the right person, it doesn’t matter where or what your date consists of. You can be in a very romantic restaurant, but if the dude only has attention for his phone, then the atmosphere is ruined. I also don’t like going to a cinema on a first date, that’s no way to get to know each other. So, to sum things up: 

  • No phones
  • Full attention to each other
  • Preferably a quiet place
  • No flowers
  • Good food/snacks

Cafe: Love the bullet list! All excellent advice for a great date:put those damn phones away! 🙂

Do you have a favorite drink and/or dessert?

  • Emily: To be honest, I’m not the kind of girl who just drinks wine. When I’m at a club and you want to buy me a drink, it should probably be rum and coke. I know how that sounds to some people, but I learned to drink that with Jenny. She found a bottle of rum and we finished that in no time. We later learned that it goes great with coke. Hahaha, we should have found out sooner before getting really wasted. So, that is definitely my favorite drink. 

    For my dessert, it’s probably the dessert my mother makes. It’s not only really delicious, but it also brings back good memories. It’s homemade rhubarb compote with Greek-styled yogurt. My mom has a really good recipe to make this and I absolutely love it!

Cafe: That sounds delicious! Also, nothing wrong with a classic rum and coke!

Any big plans for the future? Modeling, making films, etc. What’s next?

  • Emily: I’m not really sure what I want to do in the future. For now, I’m doing a leisure and event management study in Amsterdam, near my home. But, I don’t think that is something I want to make a career out of, there’s a lot of other fun stuff I could be doing, but I don’t see myself working in a big office as a secretary or something like that. But, who knows what the future holds? 

    I’m sometimes doing some modeling work, but nothing big so far. Doing this interview is the biggest thing I’ve done so far! Posing with Lucy was very exciting and I really enjoyed it. We have a really good bond lately. I would love to do more!

Cafe: And we would love to see more! Thank you so much for your time, Emily, we look forward to seeing more awesome content from you in the future. Try not to break any hearts (or bones) while you’re out there! 😀