Xayla likes to be prepared for the unexpected: she’s ready for any situation, always! That’s why she carries around her trusty double dildo, you never know when you’re gonna come across a hot girl you want to be “nice and friendly” with!

Today, Xayla’s preparedness paid off. After dumping her clothes at the laundromat, she saw the cute and nerdy Izabella, and she got wet on the spot. Izabella, however, is a bit oblivious, so Xayla will have to put in the work to call her attention. But don’t worry, she’s a resourceful girl! Perhaps a playful strip-tease will do the job? She tries it, but Izzy is still in her own world. Then, what about touching herself in a sexy manner? There she goes. Hum, still not enough? Time to call the big guns, then!

Izabella finally gets wet after seeing naked Xyla holding a double dildo, and things just go wild from there, as they both ditch their clothes and roll around in the laundromat enjoying each other and Xayla’s fun toy!