A dark superhero returns form a night of crime fighting, and collapses on the floor; but a sexy female silhouette is watching over him. She’s a bad kitty, she knows that, and she loves it. The cat woman and the bat man will have an encounter: a fight between good and evil, and also, a sexy pull and push that will end with a very messy kitten.

Painkiller is the first instalment of the Superhard series by Vektor3DX, a steamy one-off full of thrill and excitement, just as any superhero story should! In this image set, you will find sexy, tight costumes, and even some light BDSM elements with bondage and sex toys! Will justice prevail tonight? Will this naughty black kitty get the spanking that she deserves, or will our mysterious superhero be tied down forever, a slave of her mischievous intent?