It’s no secret that video games and 3DX are perfect soul mates, but some creators love them so much that they pour their heart and soul into recreating their favorite digital cuties!

Brynhildr is one such creator! We’ve featured their futa specific collection in recent months, and now we’ve got another fresh entry displaying a tantalizing assortment of action oriented hotties!

Androids with immaculately sculpted asses, skin tight leather hugging dangerous curves, and wickedly sultry witches await in this colorful 58 image menagerie! 2B, Aerith, and Triss: (just to name a few)  who doesn’t want to see more of their favorite video game gals, in OR out of costume, in stunning detail? Brynhildr isn’t afraid to draw thick, strong women whose muscles aren’t just for show, but they do just as wonderful a job rendering petite beauties with delicate graces.

If you’re a fan of video games, or just love to admire their softer assets, this budget friendly pin-up set is down to please! Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and let some of these girls control you for once?