Mommy milkers and baby-bearing hips will always have a place in our heart. But what about those small, delicate maiden bodies? What about those modestly-sized sugar tits, those slim legs, those thin waists, those porcelain facial features? 

Smaller women are severely underrated, and they deserve just as much love as their titanic counterparts. A truly gifted artist will be able to recognise the attractiveness and lewdness of a petit-type body, especially when paired up with one or more huge monsters hungry for tight pussy. ‘Cause don’t get mistaken: these girls might be all thin and cute, but they still can accommodate a couple huge demonic dongs in them! It’s a tight squeeze, but they can manage.

Today we present to you the work and art of Hibbli3D, a fantastically talented 3DX creator who specialises in fantasy-themed stories depicting women on the slimmer side and monstrous creatures on the very other end of the spectrum. If you’re the kind of person who is super into monster gangbangs, lesbian duos and threesomes, tentacle scenes, sword and sorcery style scenarios, and lore-rich porn stories, then Hibbli3D is your new 3DX darling. Just letting you know.

The Elayne Saga

For the last few months, Hibbli3D has gone deep into the creation of a fantasy world, the Kingdom of Irrenia, complete with its lore, fighting factions, fantasy races, and scary demons with huge dongers.  From the stunning dark elven sorceress Chiana to the way-over-her-head paladin with a heart of gold, Elayne, the worlds of Hibbli3D are inhabited by colourful characters that find themselves, once and again, in more than steamy circumstances.

The artist has created story after story, narrating the adventures and misadventures of these characters and the perils they encounter along the way. Elayne, seemingly the protagonist of the story as of now, will do anything it takes to rid the kingdom of hellish creatures and monstrous beings, but it’s not unusual that in order to win, or because she lost, she finds herself naked at the monsters’ mercy, only with her jewellery on.

This doesn’t mean that the artist doesn’t have modern time content; especially in earlier years, they have designed many present-day characters and written erotic vignettes for them, if that’s more your style. Also, the artist has rendered a few lewd fanart sets, all in their very personal style. 

Where to find more

We have great news! In Hibbli3D’s website, you can see hundreds of explicit renders of all their OC’s in different levels of compromise, be it with each other or under the clutches of goblins, demons and tentacle monsters. On top of that, the website includes a blog with news on latest products and developments on the artist’s end, as well as various written erotic short stories to tickle your imagination!

And just as this wasn’t enough, the site offers 10+ products from Hibbli3D, completely for free, available for download! Knight Elayne, Thief Ezri and Sorceress Lori are there, and not only can you find image sets that leave nothing to the imagination, but a free RPG video game about the girls trying to escape a dungeon. We’re sure they will manage to flee the buildings without any mishaps.

You should check their content right now by visiting their website; there, you will see links to all their social media and platforms, including their Patreon where for a contribution as low as $2 you can get instant access to new content. (For those of you who would like an even better treat, higher tier contributors get access to polls, hi-res images, and bonus pictures just to name a few.)

Treat yourself with some monster-on-girl action with Hibbli3D’s magical and horny worlds!