It’s common knowledge that futas make excellent doms and ‘pet’ owners, but few creators capture the theme as well as 3DZen! Now four parts deep in the series (pun intended) “Futa’s plaything 4” is everything you could ask for and more!

Kate has been doing so well with her sub training that she’s moved in with her mistresses to be a full time pet! That doesn’t mean the well hung women don’t have anything to teach her, and while the big boss is out with her own sub, Miranda takes full advantage of their new ‘maid’!

Futas and subs in skimpy maid outfits: you know where this is going! 3DZen delivers blowjobs, anal, and even strapon action in this 73 QHD image set. Do I even need to mention how much cumplay is in this set? Uh…YES! For anyone who’s been following the series, Zen never skimps on that sweet girl jizz, and  Miranda is more than happy to sample it herself and exchange a sloppy snowball kiss!

Speaking of snowballing, you can save some cash and purchase all four sets in a bundle. That’s a lot of sub training, fucking and OMG gallons of futa spunk… seriously!