We’re fresh into the new year, but don’t think we’re taking a vacation! We’ve got a ton of new developments coming up, but one of the most exciting things by far is our partnership with LewdPixels.com!

LewdPixels is a unique, volunteer-run site dedicated to all things adult gaming! Honest, unbiased reviews, news and thoughtful articles are presented in a tasteful, intelligent manner, with a heavy emphasis on indie creators.

Looking for your next adult indie RPG to play? Or perhaps a thought provoking, steamy visual novel? LewdPixels has got you covered with their reviews, complete with info about the devs, and even a few personal interviews with the creators themselves. If you’re an adult oriented indie dev yourself who’s interested in joining an awesome, supportive community, definitely check them out! If you like what you see, you can support them on Patreon and give them a follow on twitter!

LewdPixels.com is right in the middle of a site overhaul, and like us, they’re pulling hard to not only improve the digital adult industry, but to redefine what good adult gaming should be! We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you give them a look, and we’re stoked to be working with them!