A library is a place where you should keep quiet, behave properly and mind your own business. Apparently, someone forgot to brief bombshells Hanna and Sibyl about that. Not that we complain, really.

In X3rr4’s brand new comic, Hanna Rediscovers the Library, what begins with a random stranger trying to cup a feel of Hanna’s ass escalates quickly into a thrilling sequence of public sex, lesbianism and threesome action. See these two voluptuous girls go wild at each other, and then help themselves with the dick of this stranger, all while playing it cool for the librarian and trying not to get caught. 

This is another of X3rr4’s one-shot stories featuring her original character Hanna, which you might know from the interactive game Hanna: Futile Resistance. (If you don’t, it’s on our store for free, wink wink.) Her new friend Sibyl, a.k.a KitKat, doesn’t fall behind in beauty or in wetness! Fall in love and get a massive boner with these two daring girls rocking their sexy nude bodies and taking the world by storm, one fuck at the time.