They say that everyone has a price, and for the lithe, sexy elven thief Ezri, this is most certainly true. The question is, what’s worth what: a copper to see her ass? A silver to see her tits? Or maybe, a gold to… you know… Seriously, what good is winning poker when you can’t spend your spoils on a tasty little snack?

“Thief Ezri: Strip Poker”, is a 60 page, saucy follow up to Hibbli’s tavern themed fantasy series! Ezri is used to stealing her coins, not taking them for ‘services rendered’ but when an eager goblin starts flashing his winnings at her, she hesitantly obliges…one garment at a time! This is another gorgeous, richly colored and detailed set that ends with an elf getting a sticky cumshot to the face! After she gets her pussy pounded, of course 😀

Ezri doesn’t seem to mind: it’s kind of nice to not have to steal the money for a change, and when you’ve already stripped and your pussy is wet from all the attention, you might as well take it to the next level!