At the hi-tech interstellar space station where the NGP’s HQ are located, we like to welcome new artists from all sorts and backgrounds. We fly them here on fancy flying saucers with AC and a sushi bar, and then, after talking some businesses and new releases, we like to party and make them feel at home. You know, rocking music, DDR, champagne fountains, and talking about our dreams and feelings until 4 am. What can we say, we like to live the good life.

We would love to give a shout out the best artists to join NGP as of lately. Lovely men and women who grace our catalogue with their sexy creations, and let us offer them to all of you. Here’s to more and more cool people like them joining soon!

Sneaky Bastard, better than your husband

Sneaky Bastard’s women are always looking for more. Either they’re stuck with a man who doesn’t fulfil their needs, or they want to succeed at all costs, even if that means using their bodies as a weapon. Whatever the case, you can expect some serious misbehaving from these ladies. 

If stories of cuckoldry tickle your fancy, Sneaky Bastard has your back. His naturalistic bodies and textures ground his stories into reality, making you feel what the characters are going through. You won’t forget these stories easily, and neither will the buddy in your pants!

X3rr4, naughty under the table

Are you one of those people who love getting to know a character and her surroundings, and follow her in her journey through the many sexy situations life can offer? If that’s the case, then you should definitely check out X3rr4’s universe. Hanna and Mimi partake in a wide variety of naughty shenanigans, always set to have fun and enjoy their youth. Image sets and an interactive game (with new chapters still coming out) flesh out the world of these gorgeous gals.

X3rr4’s girls love the thrill of spontaneous sex, even if that means getting a little naughty in public places! See them sneak around, suck cock, get rid of their clothes and/or get some action in their holes trying not to get caught!

Xide, lady bosses from every angle

Xide’s catalogue is a bit of a wild ride, in the best of ways. He manages to present a huge versatility in themes and environments while keeping his strong trademark style. Want straight? They’ve got it. Want futa? They’ve got it. Want pinup? You can be sure as hell they’ve got it.

From futuristic gynoids with big cyberdongs, to a naughty student girl who goes at her teacher’s cock during detention time, he has a bit of everything. His women put their foot down and know very well their worth, and for one reason or another have a tendency to end up with cum on their faces. Their bodies are perfectly sculpted with natural beauty, and Xide wants to make sure you get a goooood look at them, showing you the best action bits from every possible angle. 

Ashley Sugar, girl’s love with a hint of dick

For those of you who love emotion-driven porn, with intimate scenarios and girls growing comfortable with one another, Ashley Sugar is a godsend. Her women bring their voluptuous bodies and complicated feelings to the table, finding in each other what they are looking for. Be it in fantasy worlds with otherworldly beings, or mundane scenarios like a college classroom, Ashley’s girls break their everyday reality to encounter a special mate they will never forget.

Matching the tone of her stories, Ashley Sugar shows us close shots of the action, wonderfully realised environments and a palette that is always a treat to the eyes. Her artistic image sets and comics are definitely worth admiring more than once.

Brynhildr, the futa buffet

On the other end of the spectrum, if what you want is a tasting menu of varied girl characters (with or without dong) posing for the camera or going at it with one another, then Brynhildr is the artist for you. He specialises in pinup shots of a wide range of futas, females, futas on females and all the good stuff.

Ever since he started having fun with his renders, he has evolved and tried different styles and techniques, never afraid of giving something new a chance. The result is a plethora of diverse, well-realised erotic images, each one of which can send you into a trip of steamy fantasies. If your dick is feeling open-minded today, Brynhildr’s work is exactly what it needs to find a reason to “rise to the challenge”.