Fabiana, supreme demoness of the underworld, has set her sights on a bigger prize than any of her predecessors. In order to obtain her goals, she must seek only the most nubile, comely women, and unleash her powers to turn them into something even more beautiful…

Ashley Sugar brings something truly special to the dark fantasy genre with “Fabiana’s Pitfall”. This isn’t your typical rushed raunch: this is a shadowy, silky sensual futa on girl tale that marks the first chapter of a planned series. Shaded undertones and a minimalistic yet broadly sweeping plot urge Fabiana forward as she seduces her prey with salacious lips and promises of ultimate pleasure.

80 full HD images teeming with stunning lighting, incredible detail and dripping lust await as Fabiana takes another victim, delving deeply into every hole. After summoning her minions, a mad lust fueled orgy ensues, and Fabiana puts her succubus cock to work like a fiery hammer to a forge, bending yet another to her iron will.

If you’ve been looking for a fantasy set that has just as much substance and production value as it does dripping hot sex, this is a must buy! Ashley Sugar delivers in spades, and every render is a delicious piece of eye candy that is certain to please even the pickiest fantasy purveyor!