With the holidays right around the corner, you deserve a break. Pour yourself a nice drink, get cozy, and pull up a classic to read. By classic, we mean of course, guy on girl 3D smut! Put that high resolution smartphone to use and gift yourself with something from NGP’s top five straight sets! 

Lara and the Jade Skull by Forged3DX

After hacking her way through the sweaty jungle and entering the temple, Lara finally sets her eyes on the prize, but she’s not alone! It appears that at least two shirtless men have been hot on her tail, no doubt wanting the treasure for themselves, and she’s inadvertently led them straight to it. Lara, of course, is familiar with ‘fight or flight’ but she has no intention of giving up her prize, so she employs the third, lesser known ‘f word’ and puts her greatest assets to use…

The 3DX world can’t seem to get enough of this tomb raiding brunette getting giant cocks stuffed into her holes! Forged3DX presents their take in style, with 66 high def pages complete with dialogue and a 4 minute animation!

Lara doesn’t seem to mind using her various skills (and huge boobs) to take what’s rightfully hers, but in the end, the men seem to think they’ve gained a far greater pay off…

Mylin’s Mission Bundle by FantasyErotic

 If your preferences err on the fantasy side of things, with a dash of big titty elves and a sprinkle of monster cock, this is the bundle for you!

FantsayErotic puts Mylin and her loyal knight, Berina, in more than just a few compromising positions as they take goblin dicks in every hole. The proud, busty, pointy eared sluts are appalled at first, but they might be even more shocked when they realize that getting spunked on by monsters isn’t as terrible as they thought…

Between the two sets, you’ll get a solid 150 high-res scenes that feature incredibly well detailed models, plus a bonus slideshow version…you know, free hands and such…    

POV Pervert-The Step Sister by GonzoStudios

Gonzo Studios pushes the envelope yet again with a whopping 115 image set that’s entirely POV! Watch through the eyes of a pervy stepson as he goes above and beyond to fulfill his wildest, most depraved fantasies. He doesn’t hesitate to use his stepsister’s laptop camera to spy on her masturbating, and things get especially heated when he overhears a juicy tidbit about her that’s downright blackmail worthy…

This set comes complete with colored, comic style text that adds a ton of depth to an already amazing set! Brother’s nubile blonde step sister will do anything to keep her pervy-ass peeker quiet, including taking several cumshots and getting her brains fucked out! 

Captain Maia Collection by Redrobot3D

Grab yer grog and polish yer flintlock as ye’ prepare fer booty grabbin’ on the high seas! Captain Maia is the fiercest, bustiest, most courageous redheaded pirate to ever sail! In this three part collection, you can bear witness to all sorts of her wild pirate antics, but be sure to bring a lifejacket, cause it’s gonna get messy.

This collection adds up to 190 pages total and includes professionally written dialogue. Shiver me timbers, that’s a lot of content for the price! Squirting, creampies, DP scenes: Redrobot’s got it all, and in enough quantities to keep you sailing high and fast until you reach your destination!

Bimbo training session bundle by Miki3dx

When Faith embarks upon her journey for ultimate pleasure, she has no idea what she’s really in for. All she knows is that she loves strong women and being used until she can barely move, but this path is one that will change her forever…

Okay, technically it’s a lesbian set, but this bundle deserves to be on this list! Miki presents powerplay, BDSM and denial in the most tantalizing way possible, shaping Faith into the perfect, groveling sex slave.

This bundle includes five sets, FIVE! That’s 360 pages of toy stuffing, edging, squirting and more as Mistress Janine puts this bimbo in her place! It comes with and without dialogue, but the writing in these sets are fantastic, so don’t miss out!