2020 is wrapping up, and it’s that time of the year when you look back fondly at the good moments. And you go “man, I remember all those times I nutted so hard at my favourite futa porn stories. Yeah, good times.”

To help you recollect these heart-warming memories, here’s NGP’s Top 5 Futa Stories of 2020. But first, a few honourable mentions.

Good Manners, by Serge3dx

Blonde troublemaker Katie needs to be punished, and Mother Superior Mary is packing something under her robes that will do the trick just fine.

Riding Service – Well Hung Edition, by Redrobot3D

Escort Lexie Larouge thinks nothing can surprise her, until she finds out that her next client is sporting an insane horsecock that will put Lexie’s capacity and endurance to the test!

Iris and the Ankh of Osiris, by Forged3dx

When you combine an adventurous futa exploring the desert, a mysterious dark-skinned girl looking for shelter, and an ancient and cock-hungry spirit ready to possess someone to get her dicking, things can only go one, sweaty steamy way.

And now, for our best picks. In no particular order, here are our Top 5 Futa Stories of 2020!

Switch, by Nonsane

In a dystopic future, sexual pleasure has been severely limited by the government. But a girl wants to push the boundaries and feel what it’s like to have a cock of her own. Futuristic technology and a very interested female companion will give her exactly the experience she’s looking for!

Futa Twins, by 3DZen

Kayla and Kylie need to learn how to fully use and enjoy their dicks. Luckily for them, their very generous, gorgeous step-mom is here to help. She’ll kindly take time to show them exactly how they can touch it, and use it in every hole of a woman, even offering herself for them to practice. What a lovely woman!

Dickgirl Heaven: Bride Bang, by Gonzo Studios

A wedding is a girl’s dream day, and what better way to celebrate it than with an orgy? Tell the bridesmaids and even the minister to come and join the party! (Not necessarily in that order, wink wink.) You can guess where the ring is going…

Nikki’s Bimbo Training – Advanced, by Fab3DX

It ain’t easy to turn a cute brunette into the ultimate submissive bimbo, but mistress Lady Lemoine and her girls will stand the challenge. A makeover, slutty outfits and session after session of sadistic edging will change Nikki forever, making her a top-tier cum-hungry masochist who will take up anything you subject her to. 

Rhonwen’s Photoshoot, by CodeMonkey3DX

Three well-hung futa girlfriends gather for a sexy photoshoot. Click after click of the camera, they start getting rid of their clothes and the heat goes up. Cocks get hard and girls get touchy-feely. There’s a point where they just get rid of the camera and finish the shooting day with a threesome!