Contrary to what some may like to believe, November is a month just as good as any other to recreate one’s eyes with the vision of some delightfully crafted 3D porn. And look no further than to NGP’s growing library of selected erotic comics and image sets! It’s been definitely a hectic month, with tons of new products in our shop, so it can get a bit tricky to make your pick. Well, let us give you a hand with our Top 3 best products of November!

Bimbo Training: Mastered, by Fab3DX

After countless sessions of intense BDSM, Nikki has now evolved into a full-fledged submissive! Her body is ready to take all the punishment and the edging her futa mistress Lady Leonie puts her through. This is the newest chapter and culmination of Nikki’s journey into top-tier bimbohood!

Bio-Evil: Project K9, by Redrobot3D

Any fans of monster sex here? Great! In this two-parter sci-fi erotic story, supercop Jane St. Patrick (wink, wink) wakes up in a mysterious research facility and receives a primal dick greeting by a canine-looking creature that then joins her in her quest for answers. But as she gets more and more cock, something starts to awaken inside her too, an appetite that she might or might not be able to overcome…

Game Over, by Futanarica

Don’t you love it when you go to your neighbour’s house to complain about the noise, but it turns out that not only she’s a cute gamer girl, but also, she totally falls in love with your boner and then immediately you two have so much sex you cum yourself blind? Well, this 15-minute animation by Futanarica will speak to your soul. In this futa story you’ll see all sorts of impromptu naughty shenanigans, and trust us, by the end of it, you’ll need a big mop for all that jizz!