Few things go together better than futa and fantasy, but every now and then you find something that hits all the niche spots juuust right. Huge, throbbing girl cocks, stunning, otherworldly babes, and POV shots that grab all the action and spin it into an amazing new light.

Speaking of all this…

Behold “Selena and Draenei” by 3dx851! Don’t be fooled by the simple title: this 101 JPG set is packed to the brim with smoky dickgirl on dickgirl deep dicking! Toss in the 24 bonus images and the smoldering short animation, and you’ve got yourself a GOAT of a title!

Yes, I had to get one Draenei joke in, but you know what’s not a joke? The size of Selena’s cock! 3dx851 put so much detail in this set, particularly on the fantastical pillars of shining girl meat, but the draenei’s glowing green eyes are an excellent touch. I mentioned the perspective shots, but they are worth mentioning again: these girls blow loads as big as their choads, and the various angles, especially on those sweet money shots, adds a ton of dynamic depth to this set.

Thank God for sorceresses and magic: how else would these girls practice such perfect whorecraft?