Adventurer dark elf Laele is dead set to find a magical set of armour that will render her invincible. No matter how big the cocks she has to suck, how many dicks she has to ride, and how much cum must be spilled on her purple skin. She’ll put her body to the test as many times as needed to get her reward!

Which is good news for our futa for the night, a blue-haired bartender who knows exactly where to find that set of armour. Of course, everything comes with a price, but Laele is up for the challenge. They will share the evening in this empty medieval inn, and Laele will prove her worth as a dedicated adventurer and a daring playmate!

This 125-piece image set by 3DZen is the first of a two-parter adventure featuring fantasy girls in a magical environment, moved by ancient lustful forces! See Laele use all her moves in Dark Elf Laele, Chapter I!