Take the saturation on your monitor and dial it to 11! Do you like your naked ladies wrapped in a bed of neon and silicone oil? Do you enjoy pop-art and comic stippling? Are you addicted to sugary soft drinks? Well today we’re talking about Ruria Raw, a fascinating voice in 3D art whose work looks like soda tastes. 

As we talk more and more about 3D artists in particular, it is easy to see that there is sometimes a push to conform to visual styles and photorealism, and a push to be different for the sake of being different. In this field it can be hard to just be yourself for its own sake. Ruria has a visual style all their own and, though they are self described as an intermediate in skill, it is clear they are developing something really exciting and personal with their work. A blast of color with an assault on the senses, thick outlines, neon color on top of real skin-tones, all in an abstract void. Sometimes it feels like erotic art for synesthetes… and we love it. It is extremely refreshing to find an artist who is just going after what they like and offering what they feel their art needs.

More recently, Ruria has updated their portfolio with really toned down, almost grey tone fanart pieces, almost doing an exploration of erotica with their high color removed and exercising deeper disciplines like form and modeling. Honestly, they could explore any corner of their art and I would find it fascinating. One of the joys of following artists in this way is watching them develop and craft their own technique. Keep exploring, keep expressing yourself, and look to Ruria for a little inspiration.