Desire is a strange force, that can make amazing things come true! Well, in 3DZen’s new release, Your Wish Is Her Desire (parts I and II), Desire is also a hot chick who can turn girl lovers Ashley and Tori into a big-boob, big-ass, futa-on-female power couple! All through the magic of some rubbing and a bit of adventurous wishing. 

Thanks to the power of Desire, the sex life of these two beautiful women is just about to kick up a notch and a half! With Tori’s humongous cock –that Desire teaches her how to use, of course, because she’s that much of a darling- and Ashley’s brand-new world-class T&A, courtesy of our favourite magical girl, there is no limit to how much pleasure can happen on screen! And of course, Desire is invited to join, as we wouldn’t have it any other way.