Girls, games, and girth: how do these all come together, you may ask? The futacentric creator, Futanarica, has the perfect answer: college!

When short haired Anna isn’t choking down her study buddy’s cock (see “Thirst for Knowledge”) or riding the futa professor like a stallion (That’d be “Complimentary Class”) she likes to chill in her dorm with a good ol’ video game.

Like everything in her life, she gets a little rowdy, and when her campus neighbor comes knocking for her to quiet down, Anna becomes interested in a very different kind of ‘joystick’!

You can count on Futanarica for three things: Smoking hot futa, deep dicking action and cum…lots and lots of cum!

“Game Over” is no exception! Not only is it a massive set at 87 HD images, but it includes over 15 minutes of expertly crafted animation!

Anna milks, fucks and sucks her way to glory in amazing pov angles, and she takes it in the front and back door, getting absolutely pwned (do people still say that?) by Vanessa’s endless cum blasts!

I said it already, I know, but it bears repeating: Futanarica DOES NOT fuck around with lame, piddly cumshots. If you love your futas blasting gallons of hot girl jizz and pasting cuties multiple times, this is an essential piece! And hey, look, Anna’s getting a high score and she doesn’t even have to log in…