What’s a busty cop to do when she wakes up in a mysterious research facility and gets jumped by a mutant dog with a huge cock?

Well, first things first, she’s gotta fuck the mutant! (Yeah, that happened in part 1) Then, (and only then) will she be free to roam the evil Cumbrella lab.

Confused? So is Jane St. Patrick, considering she just gave it up hard to a mutant dog-man in the first chapter of Redrobot3d’ “Bio Evil:Project K9”!

 In part 2, Jane somehow manages to get her clothes back on, and with her trusty, slightly sated wolfish companion in tow, she wanders deeper into the ominous facility. It’s weird that no one is around in such a huge lab, but there’s plenty of unethical science happening. In the end, however, Jane’s research might come to a growling halt when she realizes that she herself might be the most corrupt thing there…

This direct sequel features dripping dialogue and 73 HD images of mystery, intrigue, and deep, animalistic dicking! Something is happening to Jane’s mind as she gets licked clean by her new, sex starved mongrel, and even after she squirts in his face and take it deep like an addict, she still can’t figure out why she’s becoming so monstrously horny.

Will Jane be able to solve the puzzle before things get worse, or is she fated to take it doggy for the rest of her life?


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