Today we’re here to tell you about a simple kind of guy on a simple kind of mission, Nextr3D on their mission to make lewds. No jokes, no banter, just art, and we are in love with their personality almost as much as their art. Why do they call themselves “Next?” Because they needed a name. Why is there an “r” at the end of it? Because just “Next” was already taken. Don’t think about it. There’s a matter-of-factness like this to everything that Nextr3D does.

They’re an interesting member of the 3D lewd art community, presenting their work and themselves totally unadorned and almost completely free of flair to an almost comical degree. I’ve seen whole HD photo-realistic models of game characters made from scratch offered up with little more than a “here you go,” taking the term understated to a new level. Still, everything that Nextr3D posts is offered up like an artist trying to improve their craft alone and maybe help out other artists along the way. 

It’s hard not to love Nextr3D or to walk away from their corner of the community. If you’re looking to follow someone who can just cut the shit and put up their work or an artist whose own work may improve yours, you really shouldn’t miss out on Nextr3D.


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