Well, it’s been a couple days since we introduced an amazing 3DX artist who’s sharing with you all their jaw-dropping image sets and gorgeous wet beauties. Might as well present to you yet another one, right? Perfect for the mid-week blues!

Women You Feel You Can Touch

A multi-species elf & orc orgy with a half futa dragoness fapping on a throne is exactly someone’s cup of tea, but who could deny the charm and titillation of an erotic fantasy set to an everyday environment? We’ve all been there, in school or our jobs, dreaming about something hot & spicy happening to us right then and here. 

And here comes Xide, the artist that caters to that very part of us. In his image sets and stories now available on NGP, he depicts realistic and skilfully detailed models and environments for our viewing pleasure. From a female employee in a pencil skirt who wants to prove her worth to her boss, to a horny schoolgirl who’s dying of thirst for her teacher’s cock, to a hot biker girl in leather boots posing for the cameras and getting some inches. Xide’s got it all!

And pssst! Futa lovers, don’t worry, you might want to direct your eyes to the futa on female story Dr. Jeckllyn and Hydi, we’re sure you’ll see something that you will like!


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