Oh, boy! We are getting so much new stuff for you all, guys; you have no idea. New products, upcoming events… and artists that join the NGP catalogue week after week! Seriously, at this pace we have no idea where we’re gonna put all this stuff! But that’s great! The more, the merrier.

Welcome aboard, SneakyBastard!

Today we’d like to dedicate a few words to one of our newest: artist, comic writer and Visual Novel developer. SneakyBastard is here to seduce us from the first panel, with his steamy comics and image collections featuring stories of everyday people suddenly finding themselves in the most provocative situations! 

His gorgeous women are here to take what they want, and they know that the ultimate pleasure comes in all shapes and colours. Specialising in straight fantasies, with a few lesbians sprinkled here and there for extra spice, SneakyBastard turns your daily routines into hot scenarios with ladies out of this world!

Who’s Boss in the Office?

SneakyBastard hits the ground running with this amazing debut at NGP, “Busted!” The office-themed erotic comic featuring 59 HD images with text and showcasing Lana, the busty blonde who’s been hired to help the company’s CEO… until his son figures out she’s been tweaking the numbers! He summons her to his office to blackmail her and show her she won’t get away with her lies… but she knows that she has all the “assets” needed to get what she wants!

And so begins a game of power and attitude, as one tries to one-up the other and take control of the situation. She plays nice at first, but soon realises she has to bring out the big guns. The confrontation gets steamy quite quickly, continues on top of the desk and then moves to the couch. Lana sure has many aces under her sleeves, or any other piece of her attire! His boss’ son will never forget what a formidable negotiator she is…


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