Do you like fantasy? Cool. Erotica? That’s why you’re here. How about some erotic fantasy by the aptly named creator FantasyErotic? Is the name just coincidence? I think not!

We’ve got two great fantasy sets in the NGP store by this fantastic creator, who more than delivers on their namesake. If proud, busty elves getting banged into submission is what you call a good medieval time, then the “Tales of Nia” series is gonna be your ‘ye olde’ go to!

Part 1

In part 1 Nia, a respectable elven warrior, gets taken off guard and taken advantage of. Such a rare, proud beauty would sell for a high price, and that’s exactly what happens to Nia as she gets sold off (but not until after her captor takes a sample!).

Her new master puts her through a few trials to test her worth as a sex slave, and Nia gets ‘bullied’ by a very hung minotaur, as well as by her demanding master himself!

The first chapter of this series features nonstop action as Nia is passed from dick to dick! This set has a ton of variety, both with the backgrounds and themes, and some extremely interesting positions, like vertical reverse 69! There’s a good bit of dialogue scattered throughout, and the size is nothing to snort at (Minotaur joke?) with 95 Quad HD images.

Will Nia defy her new lifestyle, or will she become surprisingly submissive when she realizes that being a sex slave is more exciting than she thought?

Part 2

Part 2 continues on with the fledgling sex slave experiencing a strange dream: starring a horny orc!

As an elf, Nia has a natural aversion to such disgusting creators, but there’s nothing she can do as she takes it hard and fast; her sex corrupted mind fueling her spiraling lust.

When she wakes up in relief that it was just a dream, her solace is short lived, because another lesson in humility has been set up for her!

Nia gets publicly double teamed in this 87 page sequel! (with 51 bonus images!) Once again, she takes it in every hole as these masculine studs deliver her lesson. She doesn’t just get it in the ass or pussy, though, she gets it in both at the same time! BDSM themes like cages and stocks abound, and Nia gets covered in hot cum all over again, but this time, well…it seems like she rather enjoys being a submissive fuck elf…


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