It’s not every day that we have the privilege to see the growth of a 3DX artist from their very first creations to their most refined and realised pieces of smut published to date. It’s fascinating to share their journey of developing their own voice, perfecting their technique, and finding their very unique ways to infuse women and futanari alike with unforgettable charisma, beauty and sensuality. So, dear reader, yet again, NGP treats you with a very special compilation!

Introducing our new artist brynhildr, and their first ever product in our store, their first volume of Futanari Collection!

Flashing Futas & Rainbow Love

This 73-unit HD image set is a delightful combination of all that is good in this world: solo futa pinups, futa on futa scenes, futa on female… all of that presented with a variety of scenarios, traits and races that you rarely see in an artist’s portfolio. Humans, monster girls, fun “special” dicks here and there… There’s something for everybody.

The artist has selected their best shots from a variety of products that they have worked on during their career. Like a tasting menu of futa poses and action! There is no best way to find out about the next great artist you’re gonna follow! So swipe through this premium collection of the best shots from brynhildr, and enjoy every flavour of sexy in high definition. You’re sure to find one of two “special ladies” you’d like to see more of! And more you shall find.

An artist’s path

It is always fascinating to see the transformation and refinement of a creator as time goes on, and selections like this are the best way to do it. As you progress through the pinups and enticing sex scenes, you’ll appreciate how the angles get more daring, the lighting more suggestive, and the renders seem like they pop out of the screen! 

This image set is like many products in one. Past, present, and a glimpse of the future. You can’t miss it! Check out some more previews at our store page and don’t skip this opportunity of getting your hands on a very special treat.


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