Boobs. Small ones. Big ones. Unrealistically huge ones. Almost everybody loves boobs! Even those who find no sexual gratification from these heavenly mammaries can often still appreciate their artistic and poetic value. A set of good tits represents so much, afterall, and just the idea of a beautiful woman willingly baring her blessed rack can rouse the spirit of even the most dedicated downer.

There’s a lot you can do with boobs, so it’s easy to justify the obsession. When it comes to sex, some people love boobs so much that they see them as the main course instead of just a side dish. It can be hard to resist the urge not to grab em’, kiss em’ and play with them, and maybe, just maybe, slide a cock or two between them to feel their warm, squishy embrace!

Of course, we’re talking about paizuri! Or, tit fucking, if you prefer the english term. As one of the more popular things a cock can do to a pair of tits, paizuri is a solid staple of all porn media everywhere, right up there with blowjobs and handjobs.

You know where I’m going with this, but 3DX is once again a stellar medium for such a niche fetish! There’s no one here to tell us that ‘it’s not very realistic’ or ‘her tits are too big’ and hell, even if they do, we can still turn around and do whatever we want, anyway!

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these 3DX creators have an exceptional eye for beauty and beefy cocks wedged between a mouthwatering pair of tits!

Jester’s waking the dead paizuri

A tomb raider with a ‘slap you into next Tuesday’ rack and a zombie with an atrociously massive dong? Check! Jester’s ‘Waking the Dead’ has plenty of awesome paizuri scenes, with just as many face pasting renders to boot. Try finding this kind of pairing in traditional media forms!

Codemonkey’s Stay after school paizuri

3DX is incredible because the term ‘realistic’ is so flexible. Here, we have a scene from Codemonkey’s ‘Stay After School part 1’. Now, with ‘normal’ sized cocks, this blonde’s pair of literal ‘knockout’ tits would seem ungodly oversized, but when paired with an even more gigantic futa dick, things actually look pretty balanced. Perspective, right? Either that, or I’m just trying to justify the existence of hung futas and stacked bimbos!

3dx851’ White room auto paizuri

In the world of 3DX, ‘auto’ anything is possible with enough imagination and a big enough cock! Usually, paizuri is a two person activity, a give and take scenario, but as seen here from 3dx851’ ‘White room’ a futanari is more than capable of giving herself the royal treatment!

Between the fluidity and flexibility of 3D and the popularity of this outrageously ‘oppai’ genre, we’ll definitely be seeing more tit fucking, self sucking, and all around boob worshipping perfection! All hail those glorious tits!  


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