It’s tough working in the music industry, especially if you are a cute blonde half-elf in a slightly racist environment, struggling to land her first client. This is the case of Kendra, our main protagonist in this two-parter comic created by Gonzo Studios. 

Once again, the man brings us a cast of colourful characters who will engage in sexy hijinks driven by their lust and the crazy, shady world they live in. Together, they make up more than 400 panels of complete, high-quality debauchery. 

An Orc’s LP, Deluxe Edition

In the first instalment of this adventure, young Kendra finally gets to represent a music artist for the record label. However, it turns out that the client in question is quite special: let’s just say that nickname he goes by, Drax the Impaler, doesn’t exactly comes from him being a fan of Vlad Tepes.

This big, shady orc used to be a renowned pornstar, and it would seem to be that old habits die hard, or rather, live hard (and girthy!). Kendra’s interview with her new client will have an unexpected turn as she’ll soon see herself taking more inches than she’d ever dreamed could fit between her slim half-elf legs!

Sex, Drax and Rock and Roll

In part 2 of this story, we continue to follow Kendra’s descent into the sex-driven insanity of shady music businesses. Her determination to further her career leads her to close deals with very suspicious characters, and before she knows what’s going on, she finds herself entangled with all sorts of creatures who want a taste of her body. Tentacle monsters, she-orcs, racist elves, she tries it all.

But the memory of Drax’s epic level cock still burns in her memories. Hungry for another taste of his huge green rod, she accepts to participate in his latest music video. Of course, this means she has to let her hair down and don a slutty outfit, but at this point she’ll do anything to get fucked by her new favourite orc dick! 


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