Do you ever see those labels for stuff that’s all-natural? Organic? Made locally? The microbrewer working and bottling their own stuff out of their garage. The understated. The unsung heroes. Well, that’s StealthClobber. Simply put. 

Yes, we have another renaissance man in our midst. There is hardly a polygon in Clobber’s work that doesn’t bear their fingerprints. Everything from modeling to animation, to photoshopping. StealthClobber molds their digital sculptures, brings them to life, and will often bring a painterly flair to their renders for an added touch of life. This extra added touch to Clobber’s models makes flesh more supple, often giving under the press of thigh high socks and the laces of a string bikini. 

It’s comforting to know this home brewer won’t go unnoticed. So raise a cup for StealthClobber and give them some love.


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