Remakes, remasters, re-skins…’RE’ things seem to be very popular these days. Between old video games getting rebooted and comic book movie adaptations getting unnecessary new entries (you know who you are) it may seem like everything under the sun is getting remade, and while it’s not always a good thing, we’ve only seen fantastic things from 3DX remakes!

In this entry of our ‘remakes’ series, we want to focus on some more recent titles. It doesn’t have to be old for us to drool over the idea of a reboot or an update, but for these particular sets, we’re fantasizing about seeing a bit more motion! 

The Leak by Nonsane

The oldest entry on this list, “The Leak” was released in 2016, nearly five years ago! As we’ve stated before, five years is a long time in the realm of technology, and Nonsane has improved their craft immensely within that time. Even so, The Leak is an amazing, atmospheric set that presents a story using only visuals. The premise is simple: a sexy redheaded futa is suffering from a bit of a ‘back-up’ problem, and she accidentally springs a leak in the university lobby. Thankfully, a curious raven haired babe is nearby to help with the futa’s plumbing problem, and good times ensue, as can be expected from Nonsane.

The set is already quite beautifully rendered, but there are a lot of cumshots scenes in it, and Nonsane’s cum textures have vastly improved over the past four years. The scene direction, angles and poses are immaculate, so more than anything, if this set were to get a facelift, or even a full remake, we’d like to see even more of that sweet, cleanly rendered love juice!

If we were reaching out even further (as we have a tendency to do) how jaw droppingly awesome would it be to see the Leak as an animation? Just putting it out there into the universe, no pressure!    

DPT2-Hellwhore by Redrobot3d

Like long titles? How about ‘The Devil’s Plaything 2-Hellwhore’? This is the second entry in Redrobot’s magic-esque fantasy series, and it’s a great one!

In a nutshell, a young, curvaceous novice sorcerer, Celeste, ends up summoning a salacious demon known as the hellwhore. It’s a battle of wits (and dick?) as they attempt to seduce one another with their wiles, and it’s a ton of fun! 

Released in 2019, this set is actually not that old, but it’s on this list for a few reasons. Mainly, the hellwhore’s cock is unique: Redrobot is very good with original designs, and her dick looks as luminous and stunning as it does long and desirable. Along with that demonic dick design, the busty hellwhore shoots irridescent, glowing yellow cum…what’s not to like about that?

Redrobot is certainly improving, but perhaps it’s less of a remake we want and more of an animation! It doesn’t hurt to dream, right? If Redrobot ever decides to animate an adaption of one of their sets, this one would be at the top of our list! Who doesn’t want to see a big titted demon futa shooting glowing loads in real time? 

Coffee Shop by Forged3DX

Perhaps the most prolific release on this list, Forged’ “Coffee Shop” was released in 2018, with both a standard and ‘interactive game’ version. Scarlett, a blonde who’s so smoking hot that someone might need to call the fire department, walks into a coffee shop for her morning cup. The dark haired Leah, who’s working the counter, can’t help but get a little excited by her first customer of the day, and Scarlett ends up getting a little extra heavy cream in her ‘latte’!

Forged put a ton of work into this set, and it shows in leaps and bounds. With its vivid yet natural colors and it’s almost dream-like presentation, nearly three years later, it still looks incredible.

Again, it’s not so much a remake we’re dreaming about (although that would be great!) we would love to see a fully animated version of this set. Forged’ style is so clean and, dare I say, pure, that seeing it in motion would be eye popping. If Forged3DX ever decides to undertake a full animation of one of their works, we sure hope it’s Coffee Shop! 


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