We all remember Nikki, one of Fab3dx’s most popular characters! We have accompanied her in her naughty shenanigans, either by herself or with some fun company. And, oh joy! she has decided to up her game and become a full on bimbo. We all should show her our support, right?

Run Before You Walk

Fab3dx has already delighted us with not one, but two, chapters of Nikki’s journey into becoming the perfect submissive. Her dominatrix and trainer, Lady Leonie, is not afraid to push her to her limits of pain, pleasure and endurance. Nikki knows it very well, and is here to take it all.

After Basics and Advanced, the two first levels in her training, Nikki is just about to face her biggest challenge yet; and let us warn you, Lady Leonie will not make it any easier for her. If she wants to learn, she’ll have to learn the hard way.

Edging your Sub

What awaits for Nikki? What naughty, degenerate trials will her teacher put her through? Will she resist the overwhelming stimulation, or be defeated by pleasure and crumble down before the lesson is complete? Will she ever become the ultimate bimbo?

The answer to these questions will arrive soon, as Fab3dx gives the finishing touches to the third instalment of this riveting, dirty adventure! We bring you a sneak peek of what’s to come, and for the looks of it, Nikki is going to have quite a few things to deal with! Lady Leonie is ready to whip out her domming dong, and shove it so deep inside Nikki’s in-training slit that she’ll be cross-eyed for a week! On top of that, her mistress has prepared a merciless contraption that will punish Nikki’s clit the whole time! Will Nikki resist this unforgettable experience?

We are just as intrigued – and interested – as you are! So stay tuned for Fab3dx’s new release, Nikki’s Bimbo Training S3, soon on our e-shop!


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