Sex Ed classes at the uni are fun and all, but haven’t you ever wished that they turned into impromptu orgies with your hot classmates? You have to apply your knowledge somehow, right? It’s for the sake of education!

Ashley Sugar bring us this scintillating image set to make our fantasies come true! In this multi-chapter story, with almost 100 images of pure steamy goodness, she invites us to this classroom full of all sorts of beautiful girls, and one very peculiar man who hasn’t had the best of lucks with women – but that’s just about to change. 

Girls Going Wild

It seemed that it would be a normal day at the university; the special Sex Ed class was just about to start, everyone was taking their place in the classroom… and all those beautiful students start gossiping about the only male in the room: the nerdy loner who will never get some. Oh, little do they know!

But the teacher and the students have been chosen for a naughty, naughty experiment! Right when the class is about to start, a powerful aphrodisiac is released in the air! The teacher looks at the sex toys in front of her, and her lust takes over! And so it happens with the students! Before our nerd’s astonished eyes, the hottest girls in the classroom are urged to perform a demonstration in front of everybody, and things escalate very quickly…

A Lesson to Remember

For the looks of it, you can already guess where this is going. That’s right! Our nerdy man gets invited to join the “educational demonstration”, and as the good classmate that he is, he must help relieve all these women’s now insatiable hunger!

Sexual Education is a fun, steamy comic that brings our college fantasies to life. Ashley Sugar’s colourful cast of characters shines in this story, which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!


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