Recently, we’ve been talking about ‘old’ 3D sets and classics we might want to see remade. Artists get better, software and hardware improves, you know the drill.

Coincidentally enough, Jester (AKA VGBabes) has been around for quite some time, and years ago they released a set called ‘waking the dead’. Earlier this year, Jester totally revamped the series, not just giving it a facelift, but overhauling it completely! It turned out absolutely fantastic, and it’s a pleasure to review the newly released part 2!

There’s not a whole lot you need to know, storywise: Lana, a familiar tomb raiding persona that we’ve all come to know and love, finds herself in a tomb that houses a different kind of treasure. In ‘waking the dead’ part 1, Jester gets right into the action, focusing on our long resting, tomb dwelling friend’s gigantic cock and Lana’s bra busting tits. You can pretty much imagine where things go from there.

In a nutshell, the set looks incredible, especially compared to the original! I actually had to look through it several times to fully appreciate how well presented this sequel is: really, it’s an ode to cock worshiping as a singular theme.

Speaking of cock: this undead dude is strapped! Jester begins the set with a nice erection transition that’s not too quick, and once Lana has that thing ready, she teases it like the expert she is. It’s actually quite a unique design, even for 3DX, and it’s made to look even bigger by how gaunt the zombie is. His cockhead is nearly the size of Lana’s entire head; her boobs are nearly the size of his whole body: the size difference themes are just excellent and so well balanced!

I really enjoyed how Jester handled the zombie, as well: they opted for a more human looking model as opposed to a ‘monster’, which gives the model more opportunity for expression. Oh yes, expressions! 

Jester does one hell of a job correlating the zombie’s expression to Lana’s. He looks shocked and totally dismayed by Lana’s massive rack; you can almost feel his blood pumping up after a thousand years of sleep! Meanwhile, Lana makes it easy to believe that she’s so amazed by the gigantic cock in front of her that she just can’t keep her hands, tits, or mouth away from it.

After some licking and sucking and perhaps some valiant attempts to actually fit that meaty beast in her mouth, Lana smashes that rod between her tits and goes to work milking it.

The cumshot sequence at the end is GLORIOUS! I may be biased, but I love it when 3DX creators focus on extended cum scenes, and Jester plays it out over several renders. The cum texture and color is on point, not at all ‘cheap looking’, and as Lana’s face gets blasted, she really looks like she’s having the time of her life!

Along with the 15 variation images in this 49 image set , this is a solid continuation. Jester manages to pull off the cock worship theme so well that the set doesn’t need full nudity or penetration. I would also add, even if you’re not a ‘monster’ sex fan, if you like huge tits and huger dicks, this set is 100% worth your time and money, and it focuses more on the monster cock than the monster!


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