As the summer comes to a close (it’s not quite over yet!) it’s easy to get a little burned out from the transition. This is the time of year when the weather gets wishy washy, cold one day, hot the next, you know. If you’re looking for something a little more solid and reliable, take solace in these sexy, grounding new releases up for grabs in the NGP store! We can’t promise you the world, but we can promise to be more consistent in our offerings than September weather ;). 

Prison Sex by 3DZen

We’ve all seen this movie before: inmate is wrongly imprisoned, introduced to the warden, realizes that there’s something off about the prison, figures out that the warden is actually a crazed sex megalomaniac that wants to enslave every prisoner and turn them into sex dolls…

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how the movie went down, unless it was directed by 3DZen!

Our poor, falsely accused protagonist grows suspicious quickly: 50% of the inmates are pregnant, and every prisoner seems to be hooked on some sort of liquid diet. It seems that the warden’s appetite is nearly insatiable, and she’s got an entire prison full of busty baddies just waiting to get busted!

This 91 image, quadHD (super sharp!) set doesn’t just feature a huge cocked warden feeding cum to her prisoners. That would be too easy. She also likes to strap them down and train their mouths to drink right from the source, and, ah yes, she has a thing for anal training, too. Milking machines, blindfolds, and literal buckets of cum…good luck Riley! 

POV Pervert: The Step-Sister by Gonzo Studios

When it comes to sex, some people like to participate while others are content to watch. Those in the latter category sometimes go a bit too far, but the threat of getting caught can make it all the more exciting!

Of course, when you’re surrounded by a hot step mom and an even hotter blonde step sister, you don’t have to travel far from home to get your voyeurism on!

Gonzo Studios pushes the envelope yet again with a whopping 115 image set that’s entirely POV! Watch through the eyes of a pervy stepson as he goes above and beyond to fulfill his wildest, most depraved fantasies. He doesn’t hesitate to use his stepsister’s laptop camera to spy on her masturbating, and things get especially heated when he overhears a juicy tidbit about her that’s downright blackmail worthy…

This set comes complete with colored, comic style text that adds a ton of depth to an already amazing set! Brother’s nubile blonde step sister will do anything to keep her pervy-ass peeker quiet, including taking several cumshots and getting her brains fucked out! Who knows? She may even be a bit surprised by how skilled her new family member is, and cum more than a few times herself as she gets repeatedly stuffed!      

Waking the Dead 2 by Jester

It’s a well known fact that outrageously hot tomb raiders with massive racks can’t get enough sex! Since Lana is so well traveled, it’s no wonder she took to her ‘long sleeping’ partner so quickly in part 1, but if you thought that one ‘research’ session was enough for her, you were dead wrong!

Jester’s got 49 sizzling HD images in this sequel, and 15 image variations! Our zombified friend has an incredibly sizable ‘artifact’ dangling between his legs, and Lana is more than happy to continue helping him unleash his centuries old load. She uses every weapon in her arsenal to get what she wants, and though her partner may be a little dried out, everything coming out of him is creamy, hot and fresh! 


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