Frideld: What motivated you to become a 3DX artist? Did you learn by yourself or did you have a mentor or teacher?

  • Ashley Sugar: This all started from my interest to create 3D artwork. On the one hand, I was looking for easy and fast way of embodiment of my fantasies and ideas. On the other hand, I wanted to make it look as realistic as possible. I found Daz Studio the ideal tool for my purposes.

    I had no teachers, but there were 3D artists whose artwork inspired me. Well, actually a lot of different artists, but Naama3d and Haneto had the significant influence on me in beginning. I love Naama’s attention to details on scene and her work with lights. I’m sure that many her works are real piece of art. And also I like how carefully Haneto works with the characters, their poses and facial expressions can tell much more than the complicated and detailed scene.

F: Do you have a background in any other form of art that influenced your style or technique as a 3DX artist?

  • AS: I worked in a game development studio as a texture artist, and I also participated in the development of setting and lore for several games. So I think this has played some part on things I’m doing now.

F: It seems to be quite uncommon to see female representation among top 3DX artists. Have you ever felt that your gender influenced how people received your art?

  • AS: Probably… I think my work is more sensual and more focused on details. I want to show this not only with the interaction of bodies, but also as interactions between different characters.

F: And you have a gallery of OC’s in your media. Where and how do you get inspiration to create original characters?

  • AS: In general I don’t use references for my characters. Starting point is usually some idea. For example, when I worked on Witcher’s fan art with Ciri and Triss, the contrast between red and white became such idea.

    I perceive red as a symbol of active, masculine strength, therefore redheaded Triss in my works is stronger and dominant than Ciri. And of course this is reason why she has a cock, unlike Ciri. And huge sword in her hands. Her outfit is defiant and brazen. White symbolizes calmness, femininity and tenderness. Therefore, Ciri in my interpretation is gentle and thin. She prefers silk and laces. So this is how it works for me.

F: Interesting! Is there any OC you have created (or more than one) that you feel represents you in any special way?

  • AS: I never thought about it. Guess I don’t associate myself with my characters. Except perhaps Michelle. But I’m not sure this is true identification with the virtual person, I think it’s just envy. Damn, she’s so beautiful! I wish I looked so cute!

F: Ha, ha! That’s nice. Changing the subject a little bit, what software and hardware do you use to make your renders?

  • AS: Mainly I use Daz Studio and Photoshop. Also some things I’m making in ZBrush and Blender.

F: Can you tell us something about your upcoming projects? What will we see from you in the next few weeks or months?

  • AS: There will be release of “Spring Blossom” in early September, a love story between girl and demon. And some time later release of Arena story with Triss and Ciri. Both stories served as a starting point for working on the fantasy setting that unites them. I’m going to develop it after the release of both stories. It tells about demons living in the world of enslaved people. I was inspired by the times of the Genghis Khan’s invasion to Khwarazm.

    I’m also working with my regular co-writer Lucy Mark (the author of the plot and texts for all my released stories) on the “Jaiden’s Secrets” game. A young guy living in the modern world, he is trying to get to know himself and discovers the dark world of night streets. Human traffic, street prostitution, drug trade – Jaiden had faced with all this after one innocuous evening walk in her sister’s clothes.

F: That sounds great! We’ll be looking forwards to it. So, your new comic, Sexual Education, is now available for your Patreon supporters. What inspired you to come up with the interesting scenarios depicted there? Are you planning on a sequel or spin-off any time soon?

AS: It started from a contest on Slushe with the same theme, “Sexual Education”. I created few pictures for contest and when Lucy saw this, she suggested creating a graphic story out of this. I can’t say anything about the sequel, but guys, if you want this, just tweet me or drop me the note! We’re used characters from the “Jaiden’s Secrets” game, so I can say that the story is kind of spin-off.

F: It’s great to see how it’s all connected. If there are people reading this who want to become 3DX artists, what would you like them to know?

  • AS: I can only say one thing, don’t be guided by the artwork of famous artists, try to find your own interesting themes and ideas.

F: As a final note, what would you like to say about your art or the world of 3DX in general, that people might not know?

  • AS: I think there is a great potential in 3DX art, which hasn’t yet been unleashed, neither me nor many other 3DX artists. Well, I hope I can show something really impressive one day, I have some ideas.


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