Put on your highest SPF, grab some oven mitts, and keep that extinguisher close. Tonight we take a look at a shining star of 3D art, Firebox Studio, a one-man jack of all trades. You may have heard of him. He poses, he models, he rigs, he renders, he animates. A painter, a sculptor, and a moviemaker. Not even Da Vinci had those titles.

It’s a good thing too. We don’t feel that enough can be said over the respect we have for the amount of assets Firebox builds from scratch, from bodies to whole scenes. Not only that, but Firebox’s animations are fluid and full of a lot of varied actions and expressions. Often we’re not just seeing a couple of loops with a few things changed here and there. Firebox will transition naturally between actions moment by moment for the needs of their scene. A pause, a hand gesture, interesting body deformations, many different emotions washing over a face, really mining into a scene for all its interesting little quirks.

It’s cool to see an artist own their polygons, know their materials, and take their work to the next level. At a certain point, we’re not just talking about a scene maker. We’re talking a whole author from start to finish. It’s important to give credit where credit is due, so check out Firebox Studio!


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