We like to talk about the benefits of having a futa girlfriend. You have a gorgeous female playmate to fool around with, together some big and nice cock for your pleasure! Best of both worlds, that’s for sure. 

But what’s great about this magical female-on-futa symbiosis, is that the girl can do a lot for the futa too! After all, it’s not easy sporting such a hungry donger, and those balls can get overfilled if they don’t get the relief they desperately need… But don’t worry! A futa’s female friends will always come to the rescue, and play with that cock to their heart’s content, until all that white goodness finally comes out and rains over everybody. 

Interested in seeing an illustrative example? Well, we have just the right image set for you, “White Room – Raine and Josie”, created by the talented 3d851!

After Work, It’s Playtime

Raine has had a long day at work. Not because she has a difficult job, oh no; but because her huge cock (seriously, this thing is massive!) is burning in her clothes, and her balls are getting bigger and tighter as hours pass by! She fantasises about her girlfriend Josie, but doesn’t want to disturb her studies… and her cum builds up more and more…

Luckily for everybody (the reader included), when Raine gets home, she finds that her friend is more than willing to help her relieve herself. Josie offers Raine all her holes, and Raine goes all out on her! Don’t you love wholesome stories like this?

We Have a Little Extra for You

Oh, but the good stuff doesn’t end here! White Room – Raine and Josie isn’t just an image set of 50 high quality art renders featuring full nude action between our two main leads, including some hot stuff like self felatio and self titjob, masturbation, and non-conventional sexual positions! Far from that. This product brings a free extra set of juicy material just for your viewing pleasure!

Together with the main image set, you will get 16 pinup extra images featuring Raine in all her nude, full body, erect glory! What’s not to love about this amazing deal? Head out right now to our store to check out White Room – Raine and Josie!


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