We’ve been taking on a lot of new artists recently, which has been amazing, but I, personally, am especially stoked when we get fresh futa content! Codemonkey3DX is one such recent artist, and boy oh boy, are they not afraid to put big ol’ shiny dongers on their gorgeous girls!

Codemonkey3DX has been making 3D content for quite a few years now, but every set they release is just as good if not better than the previous one. This futa focused artist has been working hard on this particular set, releasing previews of it on their patreon, so it’s no wonder that it came out so amazing!

So let’s talk about this hot off the press release from Codemonkey, “Rhonwen’s Photo Shoot”!

At base, it’s a photo snapping extravaganza which is sure to tantalize and satisfy glam loving futa fans everywhere, but there’s so much more to it than that!

So, It’s time for a high class photoshoot, and Rhonwen is throwing it down with cute poses and working her rockin’ bod. It’s supposed to be a clean pin-up set, with nothing hardcore, but how can three sexy young futanari keep themselves from getting horny when they’re watching each other show off?

Yeah… they can’t. 😉

Watch Lore, Rhonwen and Rylie go wild as their ‘professional’ photoshoot turns into a lust fueled, hole stuffing 3-way! At 110 pages with and without text, this may very well be Codemonkey’s most dynamic set yet. Why? Well, I did say there was more to it that first meets the eye, but I don’t want to give too much away!

Of course, you’ve got your larger than life cocks on outrageously hot girls, but the presentation is superb in its fluidity.

There are some very cool POVs and selfie shots, including a futa fucking triangle train that I’ve never seen before! Oh, and on the subject of shots, Codemonkey brings the cum: these girls are NOT afraid to unload their jizz cannons like there’s no tomorrow. I love it when there’s more than one frame in any  trust me, if you’re a cumshot scene lover, this set will not disappoint!


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