Since day one of our store launch, NGP has been dedicated to providing every 3DX connoisseur with a superior shopping experience. We’re serious (and seriously passionate!) about our mission to give adult themed 3D all the love, respect and accessibility it deserves, which is why we’re pushing the envelope even further and going where no 3D porn site has gone before…

We are now accepting Crypto Currency as a payment option in the NGP store!

You read that right: Nextgenporn is the first 3DX site to accept crytpos! Whether you’re a savvy digital currency tycoon or a dabbling enthusiast, you’ll now be able to purchase products with your hard earned coins. Allow me to ‘coin’ a certain overused commercial phrase: “but wait, there’s more!”

  • Creators will be able to opt in for cryptos payouts!
  • Use the digital currency of your choice, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Ripple!
  • Paying is just as easy and hassle free as a PayPal or CC transactions, simply create a crypto wallet account or use an existing one.
  • All cryptos payments are handled securely by Coingate, just choose “Cryptos Coins” at checkout to complete your purchase.

If you don’t know how to get started with Cryptos we suggest you open an account on Coingate, same service as we are using for our payments or the most common/famous Crypto website Coinbase. You will have an account in no time and you can even start trading coins if you’d like to.

We are super excited to offer even more versatility to our shop, and cryptos are an especially great option for those who are concerned with privacy. Cryptos payments are secure and anonymous, lending themselves to those who want to be entirely discreet.

We’re not done innovating, and we want to prove to everyone that the “Nextgen” in our name isn’t just for show, so look forward to more great updates in the future!


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