Back when computers had the rendering power of a potato on wires, our desire for lewd pictures was mostly satiated by the high art of the “pin-up”. Be them photos or paintings, those depictions of naughty ladies showing us the good stuff – or leaving it to the imagination in the best way possible – were our gateway towards a world of fantasy. 

And that art is not lost! It has only expanded to a new medium: modern computers. 3DX artists with a background in pin-up art are easy to spot, thanks to their understanding of posing, framing and overall feminine charm. Our featured artist of the week, and a newcomer in the NGP catalogue, is one of them! Everyone, say hi to Codemonkey3dx!

Sexy silhouettes

Codemonkey3d’s bread and butter is curvy, busty, shiny women with intense stares and playful attitude, often endowed with more than respectable dongers. The artist sure knows how to outline some exquisite T&A, with huge breasts that visibly fight to explode out of their restraints to come out and play. 

But these girls aren’t only about looks! The charisma and affinity for the camera that these characters have, can only come from an artist who knows how to best pose a female body to showcase her stunning attributes. You can see this very clearly in his solo pics as well as his well-constructed, enticing sex scenes. Varied angles, tilted cameras, dynamic skin textures, and an overall playful approach to visuals that makes you feel you’re one of the girls’ playmates from the beginning. 

Tell me a story 

With the vast majority of Codemonkey3d’s work being comics, we have to take some time to discuss their narrative skills. This artist is great for those who like good storytelling, but with the focus put on the visuals. The script is straightforward and easy to follow, and for that reason, it doesn’t require many words. 

Codemonkey3dx rocks at visual storytelling, so they don’t bloat the panels with needless text boxes covering the action. The script knows it’s here just to aid the sexual journey, and it knows when to shut up completely, and have panel after panel of silent action letting the porn speak for itself.

Naughty futas having fun

If you want to see for yourself the artist’s skills and charm, then look no further than our shop! We proudly offer a collection of comics by Codemonkey3dx that you just can’t skip over. From the (for now!) two-parter Stay After School, where troublemakers Charlotte and Lexi get naughty during detention, and then are busted by their teacher – who, of course, joins the action with her own killer futa dong; to the adorable one-shot Gotta Love Rainy Days, featuring a delightfully busty futa girl having a horniness problem, and her BFF offering her help with the situation.

If your appetite for more quality content from the artist still isn’t satiated, then don’t worry! You can support them on Patreon for more erotic content. Stay up to date and look forwards to their upcoming new product! We will feature the scoop here at NGP as soon as the next piece sees the light of day. Stay tuned! 


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