Major Guardian. Sounds more like the main character in a videogame than an artist. Well, there’s no need to worry. I can attest that both are true and that this support-class guy has as much of a love for girls in heavy armor as I do. Major Guardian is a fascinating 3D Artist, blending fantasy with their own eye for composition and color. If you need to feel like you’re really there in the piece, Major Guardian’s work is worth a study.

What I find really startling about Major Guardian is that I can see they’re thinking in terms of color balance and lighting I often don’t see in others. When we’re talking about believability, even in hardcore stuff, the soft light coming from a window or the stark clarity of a body relieved in sunset goes a long way for us to commit to that fantasy. There are things we often don’t notice we’re missing from 3D art that would make it feel more real. Major Guardian does notice and those details are there. 

What’s also great about Guardian’s work is that they take the time for simple pinups, posters, and truly wallpaper worthy art that I wish more artists would invest in making. I won’t lie, I have a few SFW Major Guardian pinups on my tablet that do come up in my background slideshow from time to time. It’s nice having an “every day” reminder of an artist you enjoy show up from time to time. It’s even more nuts getting comments from people about how they like the background when they don’t know that same artist mostly makes nudes and porn.

For an artist definitely worth your support, answer the call. Follow Major Guardian on Twitter.



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