There are few video game characters that have achieved the status of absolute sex icons more tan the gorgeous and intrepid Lara Croft. With her shiny skin and her mighty bust practically leaping out of the screen, she has initiated many of us into the amazing world of lewding 3D characters. So why not pay her homage with these three erotic stories based on her adventures?

Lara and The Jade Skull, by Forged 3DX

Lara crosses the hot tropical jungle and finally reaches her objective, the hidden temple where the Jade Skull awaits. Little does she know that, along with it, await two muscular male raiders who aren’t willing to give it up without a fight… But little do they know, that neither is Lara! She uses her most powerful weapon, her own sexy body, to exhaust those men and take the ultimate prize with her!

Waking the Dead, by Jester

This time, Lara arrives to a mystery location, where something is awaiting her… something she didn’t think she’d find. When she arrives at the courtyard, she sees a male figure lying on a stone, sporting the biggest “treasure” she’s ever seen in her life! Lust possesses her, and only one thing can happen now that she’s alone with that huge “discovery” and her own desires…

The Love Game, by DeTomasso

The LoveGame

Laura is so excited to get her hands in the ancient Sepyroth artifact, recently found in Cairo! She invites her friend Nick to show him the artifact, and maybe give him a little more to play with once they’re done with that. Nick, however, has plans too! He shows her a few straps to tie her down with, blindfold her and turn her into his plaything! Read this thrilling story featuring soft bondage, foot play and many other games!


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