Okay, so we all collectively know what SFM is for… MAKING MOVIES. Well, DesireSFM is killing it.

What we have to take away from their work is that fucking the fantasy girl isn’t just about slapping a few models in a scene and debauching them, no matter how good your animations are. Anyone can make it look convincingly enough like we’re fucking Triss Merigold or Miranda Lawson. What’s important about Desire’s work is their focus on making us believe their version of this character is the version of this character, the kind we have gotten to know through hours of gameplay spent right alongside them or absorbing them through a lifetime of pop-culture.

There is enough context here to tickle any fan-fiction aficionado. Maybe this really is what fucking Lara Croft would be like if she just let her hair down for a moment. Maybe this really is what it would be like if Wonder Woman and Super Girl just absolutely had to get away, blow off some steam, and just have a week-long-fuck-fest. Desire definitely is worth their salt, and their animations are not only raunchy but cathartic.

This kind of patience to believability pays dividends, my friends. Each piece of their work shines with a lot of man-hours spent around composition, editing, even sound design, and voice acting. Everything here supports a proper climax, a money-shot with more satisfaction and payoff than just a nut. Here’s to an artist who has certainly earned their name.


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