Well, stuff a slut and smack her butt, it’s finally here! Chapter two of Fab3DX’ Nikki’s Bimbo training series!

What’s better than a sexy girl who wants nothing more than to transform into a full fledged bimbo? Answer: A full fledged bimbo with an addiction for huge futanari cock!

Here’s a little synopsis of Nikki’s doozy of a first lesson. Her red hot, big cocked Mistress Leonie hung her up in a latex suit, gagged her, and told her who was in charge. The experience was more than just a little intense for the brunette, but now that Nikki’s had a taste, she can’t help but go in for her second lesson.

Part 2 takes us deeper into Nikki’s stunning development. No longer bound by a latex suit, she wakes up in a strange place. Her mistress sends her an enigmatic text, and soon Nikki is undergoing the makeover of her life.

Nikki barely recognizes herself as she presents herself to her waiting Mistress. Leonie is as strict and unflinching as ever, but soon gives ground when she realizes just how much her eager slave has learned.

With saucy dialogue and stunning colors that Fab is famous for, Part 2 is nice and big at 108 4K images. Oh, did I mention there’s a small animation, as well? In part 1, poor Nikki didn’t even get to cum, but perhaps she’s learned her lesson and is ready to earn her completion?

If you like detailed, close up penetration, toy play, orgasm denial and dominant teasing, you will LOVE this upcoming set! Stick around for the surprise ending, too…Nikki may be cramming for her next lesson. 


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