It’s difficult to say, but we’re pretty sure Tiaz enjoys himself some Overwatch. Oh, also he’s an ass-man. Definitely an ass-man. He’s an evangelist and the gospel is “perfectly round, perky, supple ass.” Thanks to him we’re all converts.

All of Tiaz’s work bears his signature. He does deep explorations of single money-shots with a high emphasis on fluid motions and body physics. No two objects collide without a real weight you can feel. And after spending a lot of time researching Tiaz’s work, we can tell you that this much attention to detail pays off.

It’s an exciting time to be fans of Tiaz’s work as he develops this already refined craft and looks forward to even greater projects such as a full length movie. We hope you’ll be watching Tiaz as closely as he is to that ass slam down on that lap.



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