We’ve got a new one from Crazysky3D! Now, before I go any further, you should know that this set features Sky’s ultra hot, dusky skinned,punky D-girl Jessy. If you haven’t seen her in action before, for the love of cock, go check out Sky’s other works!

Of course, you don’t need context to enjoy this mind blowing set, especially if size comparison is your jam.

CrazySky’s girls are lounging around and talking with a new guy they just met, Eric. Eric seems studly enough, and everything is going fine until he starts talking a big game about how big his dick is.

What Eric doesn’t know, is that he’s sitting in a room with two horse hung dickgirls and a lusty female who’s used to taking massive girl dongs. Before long, they decide to have a contest to see who “measures” up, and, needless to say, Eric is quite humbled by the experience!

Geez, where do I even start with this? If measuring as a kink is as near and dear to your heart as it is mine, this is a must have! Find out how Sky’s signature dickgirls compare to common objects like water bottles, and, of course, the token forearm measurement. How about a little sip of mild SPH (fans know what this is) and some bonus content featuring a womb stuffing creampie?

Whatever your tastes are, CrazySky went above and beyond by adding so many different alts that everyone is sure to be happy.  Don’t like dudes mingled with your dickgirls? No problem, Sky’s got an alt that takes him out!

Are you a staunchly metric or imperial unit monger? You won’t have to compromise! Sky’s got both inches and CM on their measuring tape, so you can ogle the girls’ length and girth however you see fit!

Crazysky packs all this (somehow) into an awesome, high def, 45 image set. Aside from all the alts, there are an additional 20 bonus images! You don’t think the gals would get all hot and bothered and then not do something about it, do you?


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